Hmm... maybe it's time to ORGANIZE these things. Nah.

Nevermind that.

Okay, for starters...

...go to hell, why don't you?

OR, go to Hell!

OR, go to Ray Bong's Blog!

Okay, now I'm thirsty.

Visit Supernaturaltoe. She will give you the freakout.

Read about Julian Jaynes. Obey the voices. (WARNING: Tripod site! Pop-up hell. Curse you, Tripod!)

Illuminate yourself. Mr. Wilson knows who knows. reviews Ray Bong at the Mermaid.

Astros! Yes!

Bongoman's mind must be expanded!

Information on the Wilhelm Reich Museum here.

Pick a card, any card, from Mr. Eno's deck.

Bongoloids must have bongos!

Bongoman plays Go on the No Name Go Server, a bon go site (Bongoman is tres continental, mais oui?)

Quality reading material of a most Exquisite nature..

...not to be confused with this, of course.

Gas for thought.

WARNING: Clown! You've been warned!

Freaky Rangerettes! It's gotta be the boots...

Know your Farfisa. Love your Farfisa.

Squeeze the president's head. It's fun!

Wow! Television on the Web! "All that guy ever said..."

"I really, really like you hair!"

No, that's what YOU are!

Vroom! Vroom!

Oh, no! It's the Seven Deadly Finns!

Stupéfiez et enchantez vos amis avec votre dextérité internationale.

Mr. Lennon will speak to you now.

This is great, but I could swear I saw "Mr. T vs. Barbie" once somewhere...

...not that it could ever compare with "Supernaturaltoe Meets The Bongoloids!" UNSANE FUN!

Don't let this happen to you!

Lynda Barry on the web! So #1!

Everyday wackiness everyday.

My guitar is HOW old???

Oooooh, baby... prison-style love!

Your alternative to just about everything...

The doctor is IN.

You gonna eat that?

Canada on the cutting edge! Just say "Yes!" Or "Oui!"

Baby, let's blast off.

On your KNEES!!!

Musical instruments? Let me tell you about musical instruments...

Who loves ya, baby?

Have you been bad?

Get unhappy!

Please let me be your Drum Buddy!

Dave is evil.

And just in case you haven't already done so...

Marcel Duchamp n'est pas ici.

More bongos. Got a problem with that?

Not a hypothetical question: Have you seen this book?



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